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Horse Jobs

<<One with no weekends,(of course) and better pay. So, I have 
worked for the USDA for 8 years. It pays for my horse antics and I don't
to mess with anyone else's crazy arabs!!!(mine are enough)

I do use my degree all the time though, for everdaystuff.  I suggest you
to school, so you can afford to do the horse stuff you want to 
Ain't cheap>>

I work M-F at a job that gives me enough "down time" to read my magazines
(Equus, The Horse, Whole Horse Journal, Arabian Horse World, ..... you
get the picture) and pays well enough to support me, 4 horses, 4 cats,
and a cockatiel.  I am single, no kids.  My idea of budgeting is "how
long to I have to save to buy that ..." fill in with saddle, horse,
trailer, or anything else you can think of horsie.  I would have to make
VERY good money to go back to working in the horse industry.  Oh, and I
pay $9/wk for my health benefits with the job I have now.  I have never
had a job with horses that paid benefits, much less for that little a
contribution.  The main problem I see in working in a field you love is
that it becomes work.  I have managed barns, taught lessons and trained
horses.  I enjoy mine now and that's the way I want it.

Karen H.
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