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horse jobs

I too wanted to have a career in horses.  I got an Equine Science  degree 
from Colorado State and started managing a small Arabian farm in Indiana, all 
was well until I discovered an endurance rider and started doing that. then 
the 60-80 hours a week no longer fit into my plans!!! I did it for 3 years 
though, and loved my job. then after having a horse fall on me and breaking 
my femur, I decided I loved endurance too much to have a career that was 
interfering with it!!!  So while I was off recovering. I started looking for 
another job.  One with no weekends,(of course) and better pay. So, I have 
worked for the USDA for 8 years. It pays for my horse antics and I don't have 
to mess with anyone else's crazy arabs!!!(mine are enough)

I do use my degree all the time though, for everdaystuff.  I suggest you go 
to school, so you can afford to do the horse stuff you want to 
Ain't cheap

amy whelan

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