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The Great American Horse Race of 1976

Tom Sites
Hello, I just read on RC that someone refered to the X-P 2001 as The Great American Horse Race.  The OD and Tevis should not be confused and neither should GAHR or the X-P.  Dave Nickolson and a group of riders and support pulled in St. Joseph and started the X-P to Sacramento.  GAHR kept the purse, timers and a large segment of riders and support.  There is a book The Great American Horse Race of 1976 by Curtis Lewis and Dennis Underwood for those interested in the history.  It can be obtained by calling 1-800-747-1976.  Also, Teddy and Ann sell it .  We were considering recreating the event but Larry Lewis deemed it undoable because of traffic in the east.  Larry and I are now devoting our energies to the Vienna-Budapest Ride and the DAY OF KNIGHTS to benefit the orphans of Budapest in 2001. Please do not confuse these two events.  Thank You Tom Sites GAHR #77

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