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RC: Stallion behavior whipping and Sporthorse classes

At 03:13 PM 1/18/2000 EST, wrote:
>I tried that...I had top halter trainers tell me my filly would do great in 
>the halter ring
>so I took her in...I felt like a fool...the judge didn't even look at 
>me...she did very well in the sporthorse classes...I had people come tell me 
>to keep it up sooner or later they would have to notice her....but who has 
>that kind of costs me about 200.00 for 2 halter classes.  

	I don't know where you show, but in these parts, a halter class is $15-20.
Now, if you go *only* for the halter class, you're  talking  a lot--with
stabling and all the other stuff, but like I said, if you're there anyhow,
it isn't much. (I go for the dressage and hunter stuff.)
	I too, have taken a horse into the halter ring and not gotten a second
look, but I've had more than one person follow me back to the stalls, and
tell me how  much they liked my horse or the way he was presented, etc.
Just chipping away at the status quo.

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