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RC: Stallion Behavior

I found that when any horse gets to trying to drag me off...I let them...only 
in a circle.
I just grab the cheek piece on the halter and bend their head and make em' do 
lots of circles...then I trade sides (you don't want them to be one sided) 
and do the same amout of circles on the other side...I have found that after 
a couple of times as soon as they feel me grabbing the cheek piece they slow 
down or stop which ever I asked for.

Alot of times I will make them trot in some small circles...not to many
then I make em' back up a few steps, don't jerk on the lead or this will make 
him keep his head up, harder to control.
In fact take some time and teach him to drop his head all the way to the 
ground when you tell him do this put your hand on his poll and push 
when he responds with the smallest downward motion reward him with a release 
of the pressure and maybe a treat...he will then raise his head higher...put 
the same amout of pressure and do it again...If he lifts his head higher 
don't put more pressure on, use the same amount of pressure...I give and 
release, push relax push relax...
pretty soon he will relax and start dropping his head.  I have Epic where I 
can push right in ft. of the saddle while I am on him and he will drop his 
head all the way to the ground.  
If you have the Linda Tellington Jones book she has great excersises to help 
with leading too.

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