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RC: portable corrals

I use a series of 8 ft (because they fit in the pickup bed) tubular metal 
gates as a portable corral. They are hooked together with extra pins and 
connectors like the ones that come with the gates(hinges). You can use 
bungees too. I have seen people use PVC pipe(the white stuff) made into 
panels and bungeed together-don't make the sections too long or they will be 
flimsey, 5ft is good -I have never used these so I can't say how strong they 
are. Also I have seen the tensar fence(the plastic mesh stuff) used.It comes 
in a retractable system I think from custom iron workers but I have seen just 
cut lengths of it pulled around poles driven into the ground. It was high 
enough so the horses couldn't lean over the top. I don't trust any tying 
system if the rope is long enough for the horse to put a leg over . I will 
not use an electric corral because of an incident in Fort Valley VA where 
horses got loose and ran thru a lady's electric corral. Her horses were gone 
for a week and one almost died. I also won't camp in a tent because of other 
peoples loose horses.I would like to hear how horses get hurt in the metal 
corrals since this is what I'm using.

                                                     Happy Riding - Shelly

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