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RC: Clicker Training

Well, I was trying to keep this a secret until I discovered
if it was a positive experience. Just bought the book last
week. (Alexandra Kurland I think, comes with a clicker)
Right now all I've worked on is touching something with
their noses when asked. Both caught on to that really
quick. Even to the point that the bucket can be placed on
the ground 3' away and when told to "touch" they both will
walk over, nudge it, hear the click and come back over for
a treat. We are going to work on fetching next, just to
instill that the clicker is fun and means "good job". Then,
my goal is to use it for our one gelding who fidgets when
the farrier is shoeing him. And for my guy, I want to use
it to reinforce that being left on the picket line while
your buddy is walking out of sight does not mean you dance
around and kick out at thin air. I want him to stand still,
to be brushed, saddled, etc. So we'll see how it goes and I
will update you all on our accomplishments. It's fun for
all of us, and as the weather and loss of daylight pretty
much sucks right now, we are keeping our minds busy and
just playing. Can't hurt!

Heidi              /\_/\~
                 ~~/~~  \\~~~~
                  /   O> ) \~~~~~
                 /    __/   \~~~~~~
                (_@_/  |     \~~~~
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