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RC: Stallions and Kids

My kids used to have a saying about me...when you did something wrong I would 
jump in your manure with both boots but then I would wash my boots off and go 
There has to be repercussions (?) for your actions, I would tell my kids, I 
might spank you and send you to your room... but if you don't learn self 
control right now as an adult you'll end up in a cage...Jail....

My boys wern't perfect... but when my oldest tried drugs he came to me, 
crying and repenting...I had no Idea that he had tried it...we he tried 
drinking he called me because he was drunk and kids knew they 
could count on me and that I was going to be consistant in their punishment, 
and that I wouldn't ever bring it up again.  They would tell me that their 
friends would tell them they wished they could count on their parents like 
My son is now in the Army...honor grad in his class...LOVES IT
My other son is a sr. in High school...all A's one B...8 pts off of a perfect 
score on his ASFAB...
And they still kiss me and tell me they love me everytime they leave the 
They are a blessing from the Lord...Thank You Lord! 

My horses are the same...when they do something wrong they get punished then 
we move on....I can smack one for what ever (in the pasture) and they spin 
and run and turn around and come right back to me,  If they are on the lead I 
let them move away from me and they always come back to me.  I believe in 
physical punishment not abuse, 

Some one said that most horse conflicts end up with no blows landed...I 
betcha that at one point a blow was landed and it was remembered...thus a 
blow never neede to be landed again...thats the premise I go on

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