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RC: Stallion behavior whipping and Sporthorse classes

 I agree...I took my filly and colt to the Saguaro Classic in AZ...Loved the 
Sporthorse classes, they did really well...then  I took them in the 
halter...oh my God!!! Those poor horses, of course the judge didn't even look 
at me cause my horses wern't on their toes, streched out and didn't have that 
look of total fear...never again. I show my horses, one, just to do it and 
two it gets them used to going places...I will never step into a rated show 
again except for Sporthorse and Dressage...

I saw theses "trainers" getting their horses ready for their classes, where 
is a humane officer when you need one?

We really need to support the Sporthorse classes yall, no makeup, no sanding 
hoofs no fancy halters or clothes, and best of all the horse is required to 
stand natural in hand, the horse is judged on conformation, way of going and's judged like Dressage the judge has to justify every point you 
get and why.  It is awesome! 
So when you get that show bill in check it out cause if your horse does 
endurance you should do very well in Sporthorse classes.

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