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RC: Ridecamp Strangeness....

in a nutshell - for the next 48 hours there may be some exceptional things
happening on ride camp.  we have two options:

1 - just let it be like it is.
2 - shut down for 48 hours and come back when its stable.

you can send e-mail to "" with your "VOTE" and I'll let
you know later tonight as to which it'll be.  sorry for the inconvience....

johnt (aka. steph's right hand gopher:)

-----Original Message-----
From: Rob Tindall []
Sent: Monday, January 17, 2000 4:25 PM
Cc: Bill Moore; Kevin Owen; Mike Harshbarger
Subject: RideCamp


I am currently in the process of rebuilding Bluefish as a server for
Ridecamp and your other lists and unix dependant services.  I got it
isolated today, tomorrow I'm going to install a larger hard drive, rebuild
the OS, and get a new version of sendmail, procmail, smartlist, and samba
running.  Once that is done, hopefully by tomorrow afternoon, I plan to
move RideCamp onto this machine on a perminant basis, which will allow you
access to modify and maintain the list.  Before turning the machine over I
intend to have the management pages working properly, the archival scripts
on LandShark modified to the new archive locations, and the settings
restored to their original defaults.

My hope is that within 48 hours you'll have your own dedicated Solaris
server with everything installed and working properly.

The move to Whale was something of an emergency expedient until I could
get your own server running.  Some things, such as archiving messages,
cannot function automatically under this configuration.  We're trying to
keep the list operational until a perminant move is possible.  We tracked
down an error that has been blocking mail since late this morning, and I
will watch for mail from the list to make sure this is fixed (I
susbscribed to the list for this purpose).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other concerns.  I
apologize for the chaos created, and hope to have everything restored to
an even keel very shortly.

R Tindall


So, this explains why I didn't get registered, but it does point out that
all of stephs scripts for list management are now broken and need to be
made functional again.  suggestions???

the attachments are causing problems.  Digests as straight text - as they
were - is the right thing to do.

I thought this stuff was moving to redfish??? It might make things a bit
easier if I had access to the procmail logs related to ridecamp.  I could
see what was happening.  As to scripts running on whale??? What scripts
were/are they?  I think the samba link to landshark was the major thing.
the scripts were/are running on landshark.  If you/they are worried about
getting files to landshark, ftp would be fine i think???

anyway, this is a pot boiling....

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