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RC: Re: Littter box horses

Hey, Michelle, I think Jordan could get a day job--teaching other guys
similar good habits--I have one that has managed to convince the other two
that living in filth is the way horses are SUPPOSED to be.  If Jordan could
turn him around we could write books, do publicity tours, high-priced
clinics.  I tell you that boy has a future.

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Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2000 1:30 PM
Subject: RC: Littter box horses

> Hi, campers,
>   Golly, I'm stuck for a subject line, hopefully it will hit me before I
> this.
> Jordan, my 22+ gelding, is very good about not pooping in his stall, but
> always urinated in it. I never could understand the why of that until
> just mentioned the fact that horses don't like having it splash on their
> legs. This made everything become clear to me. Jordan has five acres and a
> shed to run into at will. The acres are grass, the paddock is pretty  much
> gymnasium, with nothing but hardpacked dirt. With our weather being as
> as it's been, he's been pretty much hanging around just outside his shed,
> able to go in with just a step or two.
> Several weeks ago, I tore open several bales of shavings that had leaked
> buy my shavings in plastic wrapped bales. It solves the storage problem,
> the neighbor's cats decided to claw them up, hence the leakage.). Since
> the rainy season here in W. Washington, I broke the bales open and used
> shavings as a dike to keep the rainwater from forming a pool in Jordan's
> paddock. The 'dike" is composed solely of shavings and does a good job of
> diverting the water into the runoff ditch I dug for it.
> Anyway, not long after, I found that Jordan was no longer urinating in his
> stall. I was this horse not peeing much anymore? Where's the
> urine? Until I saw him today...he walked out of the stall in a total
> downpour, walked out to the dike of shavings, stretch out and urinated in
> shavings! The shavings in his stall are nice and clean and dry!
> Ah....gooooood Jordan. Gooood boy. Your darned right I'm boasting. It's so
> nice to have a housebroken horse.....this is almost as good as having him
> litter box trained! Maybe that's the next step, but I betcha he won't
> it, just like my lazy Siamese won't cover her messes in the litter box
> I have no idea if this will work for the rest of you, I just thought I'd
> it on.
> Michelle (lady, you want HOW many bags of kitty litter????)
> Jordan (what's this box for ,mom?)
> Wren the vociferous Siamese..(no way am I sharing my litter box with

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