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RC: Fwd: RC: Stallion behavior

In a message dated 1/16/00 9:48:43 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Call me an ass, call me a weenie for not believeing in using pain as an 
 educational method for any being, but don't call me anything other than one 
 who cares.  Lif >>
I am with you, Lif. We would never dream of treating our horses with such 
disrespect and humiliation, not to mention the mental anguish. In 23 years, 
we have never had to raise a whip to a horse for compliance. Funny, too, a 
lot of people think "John Lyons = humane, gentle, "NATURAL" horsemanship". 
Hmmm. While there are a number of good things about it - we have been doing 
"natural Horse manship for 23 years - now it has a name, a book, etc. - it is 
not inherently good or true just because he said it or espouses it.

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