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RC: Re: RE: slant load vs straight load

>Which is better? I'm not sure - I've been trying to figure that out
>myself...most people I've talked to seem to think a slant load is better,
>followed by A straight load without mangers. A straight load that has
>mangers is probably the least desirable.
>I'd be interested if anyone knows of any scientific studies done on this

Here are some ideas you might want to think about
This came  from"The complete Guide to Buying, Maintaing and Servicing a
Horse Trailer",  and lists some possible disadvantages of slant loads.
1. when three or more horses are loaded, the middle horse cannot be reached
in an emergency unless the horses are unloaded.
2. Some horses over 16 hands will be cramped due to the shorter stall
length. A wider trailer can help, but these may  illeagal on some roads in
some states.  I don't think this is too much of a concern, since most of us
ride Arabs.
3. with each deceleration, the horse must brace on the leading foreleg, and
with each accceleration on the trailing hindleg.  Therefore, he is not
absorbing the impact evenly.  a straight load allows the horse to absorb the
impact more evenly through the spine from form to back.  It seems to me that
this could cause stiffness that could be very bad for those of us who ride
50 miles.
The book lists advantages as well, but others have already mentioned these.
this is a wonderful book for anyone buying a trailer, as it discusses pro's
and con's of all types, and goes into detail on suspension, structure, and
just about everthing else, even what color to paint the interior.
I don't have much experience with slant loads, but enough to know that my
mare hates them, she has been riding in straight loads for ten years, and is
determined to stand straight, no matter what we haul her in.
Just some thoughts, I'm sure each horse has it's own preference.

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