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RC: Re: tying up and heat cycles

As the owner of many many many mares;

Mare's do have favorites, and they don't need be stallions, and one mare's
favorite is not another mare's poisen.

It's very interesting.  Geldings come and go here, mares stay forever.

The guildings change,  because we provide on-going exchanges ( not for us to
ride , we just provide horse lay off time (off season R and R) with our
children who own them.

 When a favorite comes back you sure can tell.  It is tough for the guilding
who wants to be the favorite and just don't turn on that certain mare.

Just like people.

Joan, the oldie/mouldy

This is the time of year when our mares come into long desperate heat.  So
your girl does not surprise me at all.  Just put them in a pasture and let
them  cuddle,  at least thats my cure.

Joan in  N. Cal. on the Coast in the Redwoods.
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From: Suzanne Mounts <>
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Date: Saturday, January 15, 2000 8:13 PM
Subject: RC: tying up and heat cycles

>My mare tied up last Thursday 1/6.  She was treated by the vet and had
>blood work done (showed expected high enzyme levels).  I also had her
>selenium levels tested; results indicated selenium level was completely
>normal (she has been getting selenium-E supplements since she tied up two
>years ago).  There was no obvious explanation for her tie-up this time--she
>had been ridden regularly, was getting her SeE supplement, etc.  The only
>thing that is unusual is the visiting gelding.
>A friend's gelding who is convalescing from some undiagnosed lameness moved
>into the barn in late in December.  Natty and I were away over the new
>year's weekend.  Shortly after we got back (1/3 or 1/4) she came into heat.
> As I mentioned, she tied up on 1/6.  She is *still* in heat.  This is odd
>for at least a couple of reasons.  First, it is the wrong time of year for
>her to be in heat.  And, second, her cycles generally do not last more than
>about 3
>days.  Also, her heat cycles are generally pretty tame--lots of peeing, but
>not much else.  This heat cycle has now lasted ten days or more, and has
>involved much more squealing, etc.
>Any comments on a possible connection between her tying up and her great
>passion for the visitor (she never acts this way about my gelding that she
>lives with all the time)?
>Suzanne Mounts and Natty (but Mom, don't you agree he's adorable???????)

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