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RE: Saddle pad question


Jennifer won a Synergist saddle this year at 20 Mule team and we had it
fitted for my horse Kann Sam Count.  We initially used the Synergist Pad
with little success; it was not enough padding for the saddle.  I switched
to an older Skito and found that it was a better fit.  We then ordered a new
Skito with the 1/2" closed cell inserts and the combination works perfectly.
My advice would be to try the Skito with the saddle.


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> From: Marlene Moss [mailto:MARLENE.MOSS@WCOM.COM]
> Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2000 8:45 AM
> To: Ridecamp
> Subject: RC: Saddle pad question
> I am riding with a Synergist saddle that fits my horse really well (been
> checked by 2 saddle fit experts and I check regularly too).  The original
> pad that it came with was getting worn and smashed and my mare is pretty
> sensitive, so I thought I'd replace it with something a little thicker -
> also on the advice of my saddle fitter/chiro/vet.
> So I got a 2x woolback.  It's pretty big and bulky and I'm not
> sure how much
> I really like it.  It really seems to make my horse sweat a LOT under the
> saddle (and she barely sweats at all otherwise) and it's so bulky that I
> have a hard time keeping it in a good position when I put the saddle on.
> Over the last few weeks, I've noticed random white hairs coming in on my
> horse's back.  They're not concentrated in any one area, but very evenly
> scattered in the saddle area, both sides.  This mare does have a
> tendency to
> get random white hairs (she's bay), but I've never seen this before.  Am I
> correct in thinking that the saddle pad is causing the white hairs?  Am I
> causing damage?  Should I go back to the original pad which is
> just a little
> too flat?  I want to buy a good saddle pad, but I really don't have the
> $200+ for all the new fancy ones and I can't decide which technology is
> better anyhow.
> Can someone please tell me if my suspicions make sense and point me in the
> direction of a cheap alternative for this year.  I can save the bucks for
> something next year if it's really warranted.  Or let me know if I'm an
> idiot and need to be spending the bucks now.
> Thanks,
> Marlene
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