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Re: Discrete Inquiry

Guys!  Ladies!

What's the big deal?

TI asked for something (or someone) that might have been found on this list.

(Personally, I'd give my eye teeth for a job exercising horses, but I don't
meet a quarter of the qualifications TI's asking for either, neither am I
willing to move)

It's nice to want things.  And it's an excellent idea to ask for things you
want out loud where people might just have the exact thing you're looking
for gathering dust or sitting around  getting fat in a pasture.

Personally, I'd like to find my perfect horse.  Big enough to push cows yet
light enough to do endurance work.  Flashy to look at, but calm and happy
to see me.  One that has no vices, never gets injured, never spooks. Smooth
at the trot and lope. Between 6 and 8 years old and at least 15 hands. Oh,
and under $2000.

See.  We all want things.  I just might find my horse, TI might find that

Everbody please calm down.

Tara Wheeler
"She is the virgin harlot. She is vulgar, witty, knowlegable to a depth
that terrifies, cruel when she is most kind, unthinking while she thinks,
and when she seeks to build, she is as destructive as the corriolis storm."
Bijas from 'Dune Messiah' speaking about Alia and

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