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Re: bringing up baby

    I am not currently looking for a prospect, but to answer your question
about whether or not any of us buy youngsters, I can tell you that I do.
For me, getting a youngster, starting them and then bringing them along is
one of my favorite things to do.  In fact, every year or two I buy a young
horse just to enjoy this part of their training.  Generally, I get them
started under saddle and then ride them on the trails for six months to a
year.  I buy them with the intention of selling them after this portion of
their training is complete.  In addition to a project horse every year or
two, I have two up and coming endurance mount, one currently competing
endurance gelding, and a friends gelding.  He's here for remedial training

Good luck

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Date: Saturday, July 08, 2000 9:38 AM
Subject: RC: bringing up baby

>Do *any* riders buy their own youngsters (much less than competition age,
>like 1-4yo) to start?  Do all non-breeder riders look for "made" horses?
>I'm interested in this discussion.
>I know of a few sweepstakes babies available in case anyone is interested
>going this route.  One owner rescued a show-quality baby and wants to find
>it a good home (she runs an all-breed rescue along with a bunch of
>volunteers), the other is a breeder that had *all* colts this year (3) and
>last year (3), so wants to sell most of them to good using homes.  He told
>me the prices; they start at $500 for the youngest and smallest, a pretty
>grey (that looks bay currently) o/o a Wisdom daughter.
>Jeff and Bridget Brickson
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