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Tick stuff

At 11:01 PM 6/26/00 -0400, C Eyler wrote:
talked about using tick collars on an aged gelding who was otherwise
covered in bites.  She stressed that one should use cat collars, not dog
collars.  Said that the dog collars would be too strong for a horse's

Lif wrote:
Here's an experiment for people to do.  Get a flea collar, put it on
around an ankle.  My ex husband, who was extremely allergic to fleas,
actually put flea collars on his ankles in desperation.  While it did
keep fleas off his
legs (if there was even one flea in a house it would find him), it also
totally numbed a band of skin for about half an inch around each ankle. 
I wonder what these collars do to our critters?  Lif

To name a few, allergic reactions, rashes, itching, liver and organ
damage, seizures, immune-system disruption, genetic damage, death.... 

Thank God, they've finally been banned. The active ingredient in most
chemical flea collars and hundreds of other common yard and garden
products, Dursban, was recently banned by the EPA, which finally
admitted its high risk of causing developmental neurological
disturbances in children. Likewise, 3M voluntarily withdrew Scotchgard
from the market after Cornell University found trace amounts of PFOs in
the urine of virtually every American!

Robert Goldstein, VMD, has written that "Nearly all flea and tick
prevention and control products are made from nerve gas that destroys
the pest's nervous sytem so that it dies. These are basically the same
poisons that were used on people in World War II, toxic agents that were
long ago banned worldwide in unanimous international agreements against
"chemical warfare." Somewhere along the way, it was decided that it was
okay to use these substances (in much smaller amounts) on our animals.
Unfortunately, the negative effects are cumulative, and these lethal
products slowly but surely take their toll on us, on our animals and on
the planet."

To learn more about the studies, look for news links in--

or write to me privately for further info.

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