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Re: RC: 1/2 arab, 1/2 saddlebred for endurance

Deanna,  I raised a half arab, half saddlebred for endurance from the time
she was 18 months.  I rode her at the Outlaw trail for her first ride at 6
years old.  She did great!  Not a front runner......but consistant and very
comfortable and safe.  She was a great horse and beautiful to behold!!

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From: Deanna German <>
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Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2000 4:30 PM
Subject: RC: RC: 1/2 arab, 1/2 saddlebred for endurance

> >I am thinking about buying a half arab, half saddlebred for endurance.
> >I've recently ridden two borrowed part ( 1/4 or less) saddlebred's and
> have
> >loved them both.  Has anyone had any experience with this cross for
> >endurance?  I'm looking for something that is solid and can do
> consistent
> >50s -- slow is OK.
> My 1/8 ASB 3/4 Arab is coming along great as a coming 5YO; legs are
> looking great, recoveries are excellent, energy level is outstanding. At
> least during this pre-competitive conditioning phase. She's showing that
> she has the ability to focus and not waste energy. She still has
> baby-brain farts and  saddlebred moments that I could really do without,
> but nothing to do about that but wait.
> Her 1/4 ASB full uncle cleaned up a lot of awards at our fast paced AHAO
> CTRs (NOT NATRC!!!) for years doing over 300 miles a season with lots of
> 2 day 50's and 60's. No endurance rides, but I think that it's obvious
> that at least that particular individual could handle the distance. His
> trot is a LOT more boingy than my mare's which probably contributes to
> some joint problems he's having as a 17YO.
> As with any other horse, conformation and temperment are primary
> considerations. I've seen Arab/ASB crosses with the best of both breeds
> and the worst. I obviously like the cross, but  for endurance I'd look
> for an individual without the "action" associated with a saddlebred. Too
> much wasted energy and joint wear and tear.
> My mare looks like an Arab. Can't see the ASB in her at all. Must've
> washed out.
> Deanna (who has no idea what the other 1/8 is)
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