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International Rides

Randy and BOD:
There are many of us quietly cheering on our international riders, proud that the U.S. is sending our top riders around the world to bring home medals, individual and team  EACH and EVERY time we compete.  This country is the leader in the endurance world and most of us are very proud of that fact and looking forward to the day when it will be an Olympic event.
There are also many others of us who support international riding by spending our own $$ and time to travel to the WEC to help our riders in whatever way we can.
Perhaps not all the supporting AERC members have paid that extra $10 to join AERC International.  Without taking a poll how can anyone possibly say that International is or is not supported by the membership.  Not everyone aspires to the challenge of riding at the international level.  However, I cannot imagine that any AERC member could fail to feel a thrill of pride when the U. S. brings home the gold.
See you in France!
Betty Edgar
Northwest Region

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