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Re: RC: stirrups

Since we carry all three and use them, I'll tell you what I think.  The EZ ride provide a good base of support.  If your feet burn or get numb or your ankles hurt and you like support, get the EZ ride.  If you have
very sore knees, calves, ankles, hips and little or no foot problems, get the Trail Tech III, if you have problems with feet as well as legs, get the Ultra stirrups.

I bought the Trail Tech when they first came out in 1988, brought them home and without even trying them, rode a 3-day 100 in Florida.  I could not believe how much they helped.  Before, with regular stirrups, I
could stand, but not walk right away when I got off a horse after long mileage. With the Trail Tech, I could even run.  They lived on my saddle ever since.  About 8 years later I did a 25 in a saddle I was trying
out.  I was too lazy to change stirrups thinking I could do 25 miles in anything. Well, I regretted it.  For the next three days I could not even walk up or down stairs without help.  They will be on EVERY saddle I
ride in for more than 15 minutes at a time from now on.

Cages:  I wear a size 7 "D" width shoe and cannot get my foot through ANY of these stirrups.  I personally do not like cages because I have seen people get their feet caught on low branches, etc. while riding and
almost get ripped out of the saddle.  If you thin your foot COULD go through the stirrup, by all means get cages, but I would put some kind of guard over the openings in front if I felt I might ride somewhere I
would get caught in anything.

So, all three are good for something.  You just have to decide what your needs are.


"" wrote:

> Ellen Davidson
> I would like to know if anyone has any thoughts on the "EZ Ride" stirrup versus the "Trail Tech III" stirrup versus the "Ultra-Stirrup" which is the combination of the two.  Also, do you recommend safety cages.
> -Ellen Davidson
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