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we need your help


I am asking my friends and riding buddies for a big favor. It has been
brought to my attention that lately there is a small group of people who are
trying to stop AERC International - squash it. If you ask me why - well I
really am not even sure myself. As you know I have been involved with
international since 1995. In these years I have seen participation grow.

The people I have met through AERC International have been the same
dedicated horse people that you know. They try their best to represent
AERC's wishes in an ever growing and changing international endurance riding
world. I personally think they do a great job.

Well letís get to the point of this note!!! The view being presented at this
time is that the general AERC membership has no interest in anything to do
with International Riding. This year only 275 people have paid the 10.00 for
AERC International Membership so this means only 275 people out of the whole
AERC Membership are interested in seeing the USA represented in
international riding.

I know for a fact from the emails, calls, and encouragement that I have

received from riders that there are more people out there that support

International than this suggests. You do not need to send in 10.00 to

support International -but please can you send our AERC President a

Email or a Fax stating how you feel about International? Could you also
forward me a copy in case these letters get misplaced?

Personally I am concerned about this issue. It seems the "quiet" people are
the supporters of AERC International. You need to make your voice known now
so that we can continue to be the strongest force in the world of endurance
internationally. I do not want to see the USA left out. We do have a chance
of becoming an "Olympic" sport.

I for one have been proud to represent AERC internationally. The times you
have ridden next to me on trails and wished me luck have meant a lot to me.
I do my very best to represent AERC riders admirably, now I need your
support. Please send an email or a fax if you support AERC International to:

Randy Eiland, AERC President

Fax: 530 823 7805


Please pass my letter on to anyone else you know who wants their voice


Patti and Sam

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