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Re: RC: Hysterical Horse Ads (too funny)

I think lounge is one of those chairs you lay on. I was taught that "longe" 
is working a horse on a line in a circle.
Nancy Mitts

>Subject: RC:   Hysterical Horse Ads (too funny)
>Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 17:21:41 EDT
>In a message dated 5/19/00 2:37:38 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
><< 19. Bay 3-yr-old, lightly started, lounges well.
>          --- have had several of these >>
>    Where's the error here....I know I'm just this side of
> hell, "stupid", but don't see no (any) 
>     "Lounges" is the correct spelling for what most folks commonly spell
>    :^).
>     Frank.
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