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a week between rides.

Hi all!!!!
    I hope you're having a nice's FRIDAY!!!!!! woooo hooooo!!!!!! 
(well, maybe I shouldn't get too excited, since it's Friday, and most people 
are on their way to rides, I probably won't get too many responses.....but, 
oh well.  Here's my little situation:
Sere (Sara) is starting to look pretty fit, I think.  Today will be the third 
day this week I've ridden her. I've been riding her 3, sometimes 4 times a 
week. However some weeks, we go a bit lighter and she might get ridden only 
two times.  Weeks like this don't happen too often....usually only when it 
rains a lot!  She's doing much better on our little solo expeditions, and 
when we go in a group, she has improved dramatically as leader of the pack 
(vroom, vroom, vroom....have you ever heard that song "leader of the pack" by 
Bette Midler? Well, it plays in my head when Sere charges towards the front 
of the pack).  I'm planning on doing a ride with her June 10th....Chalk Rock, 
in northern California... I have this question, only I'm not so sure how I should word 
it.....lets often do you do rides on one horse.  I mean, if you 
have a horse getting started in LD rides, would it be too much to ask the 
horse to do a nice, slow, "take your time" kind of ride one weekend and then 
do another nice, slow "take your time" kind of ride THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND?  I 
know I could get her through the first one....but is a week generally enough 
time for a beginner type horse to recover to do another LD ride? She has only 
done one 25...when she was 4 1/2. She's 6 now. 
I know you guys can't really tell me if my horse is ready or not, but if you 
could share some of your experiences with this type of thing, I would really 
appreciate it. Thanks so much
I MIGHT take her to the Limestone ride if my friend decides to go and there 
is still space available for more entries.....if I don't take her to 
Limestone, there is a ride in Napa....Wine Country....which is held the week 
before Chalk Rock.  I could take her to the Napa ride, and if all goes well 
on that ride, I could take her out on the following Tuesday, for a nice 
pleasure ride just to see how she feels, then again on Thursday.....and if 
everything is dandy, I could take her to Chalk Rock......sound like a plan? 
(btw...I didn't come up with this plan...I've already been hounding people 
with questions>g<)

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