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Re: RC: advice on bits for hard pulling wanna go fast horses

  To the original poster (sorry, I've already deleted original post), don't 
know if this will help, but in early 1999 Linda Cowles posted something she 
called "no control/RACE BRAIN TRAINING."  Should still be in the archives . . 
.Wendy Milner had some excellent posts along the same lines about the same 
time.  The RACE BRAIN TRAINING techniques have made a world of difference for 
my "race-brain Ay-rab," King David.  Now, David has as yet never been in an 
endurance ride, so I don't know if the technique would work for the start of 
a race (and the next 30 miles . . . <g>) or not, but it sure as heck made a 
big difference in his attitude/controllability at home, and I think it would 
help.   I ride David in an egg-butt snaffle, no martingales or anything, and 
he is usually quite a "hot" horse, so this technique might even allow you to 
throw away that kimberwicke.  Be worth checking out.

Trish & King David,
in wet, wet, WET Michigan (is it EVER going to stop raining????)

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