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   I am planning  to attempt the Tevis for the first time this year.  I have 
some questions that I am asking for opinions from you (and I know you all 
have opinions!).
   First I am coming from Illinois traveling on I-80.  I am concerned about 
crossing the mountains.  We will be using with a non-turbo diesel pulling a 
24 foot gooseneck trailer (abuot 10,000lbs). I have pulled a trailer many 
years ago with a gas truck at altitude, but it was hard.  How about the 
   Secondly about the trail itself, how much food and H2O is available at 
the stops?  I don't know how easily our crew will be able to get to the 
stops.  I can carry lytes, but not hay.  I also need H2O replacement for 
   Third, any general info would be appreciated.  Although this is my first 
trip to the Tevis, I have plenty of endurance experience and 100 mile 
experience.  So does my horse. I am planning on only riding to finish with 
my "flatlander" horse. I also have experience hauling and know how to get a 
horse to a ride able to go the distance. Unfortunately,  due to work, I 
cannot get there before Wed. night before the ride.
   Any thoughts on this subject would be helpful and appreciated and a big 
thank you in advance.  Don't hesitate to send me info if you think of it in 
a week or two, either, the Tevis is still 2 months away.
Roberta Harms
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