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shock tamers

Funny you should mention this.  I put shock tamers on Akela, after trying them
last year and liking them, and I started him on Corta-Flex rather than the
chondroiton-only supplement he'd been on.  Like Bubba, he's wearing his SMBs.
And I don't know if it's one of those things or the other or if it's just a case
of the hocks finally fusing or a combination of all of the above.  But he's
moving better than he has in years; I've got a youngster again!  (and he acted
like it today -- we had issues with the little purple flowers, the birds,
shadows, etc....)  See you at Sheltowee?  We're doing 30.

maggie wrote:

>   My question is......Has anyone had problems using these
> > pads?  Do you use silacone or oakum?  I've used regular black pads
> I don't know if it was a fluke, or what, but I used Shock Tamers on Ol'
> Bubba for the first time on the Chicken Chase a few weeks ago.  We had been
> fighting an off and on lameness in one front leg for over a year. I had been
> pre-loading him with a glucosamine product for a couple of weeks, and he
> wore his sports medicine boots, but nothing else to mention as far as
> preventative stuff.
> Any way, he did great!! Flew through the ride--okay, only 25 miles, but
> hey!!--still a little off, but no more than when we started!!
> Now, I used the open sole kind of pad, so maybe that made a difference. I
> had always used silicone packed frog pads before.
> Don't know if this will help, but I nothing but praise for Shock Tamers.
> Maggie Fleming
> Bubba--my feet feel sooo good!
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