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Re: RC: colic

At 08:38 AM 5/16/00 -0600, Marlene wrote:
Hi all,
We've got 1 horse that has repeatedly shown mild signs of colic - looking at
his belly, a little antsy - but never anything further.  Continued passing
manure and had decent gut sounds.

We had a mare that had these signs.  One other symptom was that about 45 minutes or more after she started eating  she'd show the mild colic signs, but not always.  We were told that it was likely that she had enteroliths.  We cut back extremely on her alfalfa and the colic symptoms went away for a few years.  However eventually, perhaps 5 or 6 years later, her mild colics returned, and eventually she started having them almost every day once again.  This time since she was already not eating much alfalfa (which we were feeding her in winter to keep her weight up - we hadn't heard of beet pulp yet!) we started her on a program of many small feedings rather than the 2 per day that we usually feed.  We unfortunately did not have any pasture available for her which I think would have helped.  She was 22 or 23 when she died (we didn't have a necropsy done and it was not obvious why she had died - we were gone for about 4 hours, she was fine when we left and dead when we returned, with no sign of struggle) -  we had managed to keep her going for almost 10 years. 

So if your horse's mild colics have a pattern of starting after feedings, I would be wondering about enteroliths.  Lif

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