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Help Needed With Animals Rescued in Fires

Please read this. I just got this from one of my other lists. Very
horrible situation I would drop everything in a heart beat to help but I
would have nowhere to stay as I have never been to New Mexico before :-(

  I am keeping the people and animals in my prayers.

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   Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 10:00:48 -0400
   From: ~Penny <>
Subject: Help Needed With Animals Rescued in Fires

Subject: Help Needed With Animals Rescued in Fires

FIRES....I have just gotten
off the phone with my dog mentor Shuah Siemer. She heads up the care for

the dogs, cats, horses
that have been brought into the fair grounds from the fires. They are in

desperate need of CLEAN
bedding, towels, sheets foam bedding cushions for the small animals.
needed are 6' to 10'
medium weight leads. They are in desperate need for volunteers to
with the animals. She
needs folks that are willing to talk with the furkids to just let them
know that they are ok and
the world has not come to an end. She needs horse folks that will do the

same with the horses.
She is not allowing these traumatized animals to be tranquilized. They
just need human contact.
She has been involved since Wednesday and expects this to continue for
about 6 weeks. They
are getting a truck load of animals every day, currently have 60 to care

for. These are the
animals the animal control people are picking up from the fire area. The

rescue folks are there
and the local shelter is handling the owner turn ins. there are no
shelties at her location,
she does not know at the shelter. If anyone in that area can help..
please contact Shuah at
her number 1 505 455 2715 ... she will be there tonight, Monday night
Tuesday nite.. she doesn't care how late you call, but apologizes if she

tell her you want to help with the animals. If you get her ans machine/
leave a
msg...but if
the ans machine does not
pick up please try again.. it means she is there but on the phone.
please cross post this to other dog lists.. and any horse folks list....

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