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Lawton Johnston...A great man

  We said good-bye today, to a really great man.  Not too many people you can 
say that about, and have no one disagree, but you can about Lawton.  Lawton 
was a member of the exclusive AERC Hall Of Fame.  Ride manager 
extraordinaire, with his wonderful wife Francis.  A wonderful horseman, 
father, a tough competitor and I'm lucky to say, friend.  There was nothing 
he wouldn't do for you.  His rides were always the best marked, best managed, 
and the help was well feed!  Anyone that put on a ride in the SE (and other 
regions) had all the trail markings they wanted, just for the asking.  
  The ceremony was truly wonderful, his horse Pow Wow that he has been riding 
of late, was brought to the church.  Ronald Williams rode one and lead 
another following the hearse to the grave site.  And after the finally amen, 
one of the horses snorted, and they trotted away from the grave site.  
  One of the speakers said that he believed there would be horses in heaven, 
I believe at this moment, Francis is cooking up a bunch of lasagna and 
sausage balls, and Lawton is flagging the trail for those of us to follow.  
Pick me out a fast one Lawton, I want a rematch!  

Nina Gibson 

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