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Hi Vicki

I'm supposed to do a competitive trail ride at Acadia in 3 weeks. When I
spoke to the person running the ride she said that we'd probably be able
to use the trails and the stable area for vetting in and the hold but
that we can't camp there. Overnight use seems to be the issue, not just
using the trails. We will have to camp at some other place and then
truck the horses in for the day.

The problem is that living 6 1/2 hours from Acadia I can't use the park
unless I have a place to stay with my horse. The carriage rides aren't
the problem. Aside from running the carriages, Mr. Winterberg runs the
overnight stables. By shutting down the stables and the camping and
overnight stabling area, Acadia has directly limited its use by
equestrians. I don't know how this can be legal as the park was given to
the federal government as an equestrian park. 


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