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Re: RC: RC: Potassium low/sodium OK

That may be true in most areas of the US. However, in the SE and along the gulf
coast, the summer heat and humidity can be so oppressive that the intake from
forage cannot keep up with the lost. There are many stretches where the night
time low is in the 80's and the nighttime humidity is in the 90% range.  When the
horses are sitting in the shade and sweating from 24 hours a day in mid August
some potassium supplementation is very beneficial for many horses.


"" wrote:

> Barb Peck bpeck
> Barb Peck
> Heidi says:
> :I am especially concerned about the
> :folks that describe adding potassium on a daily basis--if the horse is eating
> :plenty of good quality roughage, I'd start looking for reasons OTHER than a
> :deficiency in intake for low potassium levels...
> The above statement is the cruz of the whole thread.
> And, since plasma potassium is not necessaryily representative
> of what's in the whole body... then when the Vet's say
> that alot of horses at Biltmore were low in potassium, did
> they do urine and blood tests to make that determination?
> Barb

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Brooksville, FL

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