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Re: Biltmore syn

Hi, Teddy.  I have been reading quite a bit on clover on the net, but all
I'm left with is mass confusion and the start of a migraine.  Why is clover
bad for horses?  Is all clover bad for horses or only a specific species?
Are there different species?  How do you rid your paddock of it (if, indeed,
that is necessary)?
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From: Teddy Lancaster <>
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Date: Saturday, May 13, 2000 3:29 PM
Subject: RC: Biltmore syn

>You are right on. Clover was not the problem.  The vets said that the blood
work showed almost all of the horses low in potassium, even the ones that
were heavily electrolyted.  I am no vet but I have my opinions....I really
think that many of these horses arrive dehydrated. Traveling is tougher on
>than we realize.
>I wonder if anyone bothered to ask which electrolyte was being used? So
many to chose from and, contrary to popular opinion, they are NOT all alike.
>I am beginning to think that the best way to handle these situations is to
arrive a week early, do blood work and spend the week rehydrating our
horses.  I can see it now, rows of horses lined up with IVs or stomach tubes
BEFORE the ride start....
>"" wrote:
>> Ellen  Tully
>> I had a tie-up at VC 1.  Sorry, folks, where was the clover?  In
retrospect, my problem started prior to the ride start. I have tons of
clover at home! Also, had a week of rain.  Horses don't drink as much in
rainy weather.  I probably left home with a fluid deficit, even though I
electrolyted well.
>>   We did have a 13+ hour trailer ride, no off-loading.  Horse doesn't
take care of himself in transit.
>> I of course except blame for tie-up, but I dispute everyone's observation
that Biltmore is laden with clover.
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