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Okay....I know it's the weekend and all....but this is really weird....
I got a grand total of 17 emails today.  I hope all of you are just at rides, 
and that you haven't fallen into some kind of bottomless pit.  It's raining 
here.  I can't stand it because it will stop for a while....and just when you 
think it's safe....POW.....a downpour.  Luckily, it's not that cold.  It's 
one thing when the rain turns you into a drowned rat, it's quite another when 
you're a cold, drowned rat.  
I did an LD ride yesturday.  Thankfully, the rain backed off a bit for the 
ride.  It was quite pleasant.  The entire ride was fairly flat with just a 
few climbs.  I thought I would be sore today, but I wasn't......and I was 
really surprised because it was the furthest I'd ridden my BIKE all year!  
Yup yup and my friend Sequoya rode our bikes in the 22 annual Tour 
of the Unknown Coast 20 mile bike ride.....wooo hoooo.....there was a 10, 20, 
50, and 100 (a hard!!!! hundred).....The 20 wasn't too difficult.....Sequoya 
says we're doing the 50 next year.....I say, "yeah right".  I'm just glad I 
did the ride.....because if I can ride my bike that far.....I don't have to 
feel so bad about making my horse haul me around for 25 or 50 (some day) 
oh, btw......sorry Pat (Farmer)....I have to tell them.....Pat's husband, Tim 
came in 4th (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) on the 50.....Congrats Tim!

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