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Kidney failure

Hi everybody..
  Last week I posted my concerns about my mare, Buloo, who I thought may have 
had a selenium deficiency/overload.
  As it turns out, it is much more serious that I dreamed possible.
  After taking her to the vet and having blood samples done, it appears she 
has either acute or chronic kidney disease. If it is chronic, as he suspects, 
she'll have to be put down next week, since my vet said she would only have 
days to a couple of weeks to live.
  If acute, it can possibly be managed.
  Buloo and I are trailering to CSU on Monday (a five hour drive each way, 
which obviously concerns me) to have ultrasounds of her kidneys done. Then, 
and only then, will I know whether my beloved horse will have to be 
euthanized. We've been together for 14 years. It's like I'm losing my child.
  I just wanted to thank everyone who wrote good thoughts about Buloo over 
the past few days.
  Any prayers and good energy you can send her will be much appreciated.
  Thanks to all..
  Laura MacCallum

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