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help with ulcers

hi all,

i have been telling my friends what a great list ridecamp is and now one has
asked a favor.  her horse is about 23 and was shown heavily in confirmation
hunter all around the country (before she bought him/saved him at around 11
yrs old).  he has had problems with runny stool and keeping on weight ever
since she's had him.  recently he came close to death and with good
veterinary and owner care is hanging in there with a possible dx. of ulcers.
here is her ?:

>>Would it be too much to ask your endurance
people if anyone has ever treated an ulcer and with gastroguard?????  It
looks like I should give it the total four weeks at the high dose and two
weeks will be next Tuesday.  I just thought he would be doing better than
he is.  He has every single symptom of a horse with ulcers.  The only thing
I haven't done is the endoscope but that requires a long trip and he has to
be starved for 10 hours---not something I want to do now---<<

thanks in advance, jm

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