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Re: RC: Yet another conditioning question..

In a message dated 4/5/00 9:33:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 

<< I think I remember TI suggesting to taper back on training in the few weeks
 before a ride -- my problem is that for the next 3 or so months the rides
 are in most cases 2 weeks apart, but no more than 3 weeks apart.  I've been
 easing off on the "training-conditioning" rides during the off-ride weeks
 and making them much more true LSD or pleasure rides.  Bearing in mind that
 this year I am treating the actual ride as a long conditioning ride (I don't
 have a goal of top-tenning this year UNLESS it's a smaller ride, <g>),  what
 would be your "ideal" training/maintenance schedule???? >>

With rides two weeks apart, I'd just keep up daily maintenance exercise. At 
three weeks apart, you have an opportunity to drop in a medium to short 
distance, strong, "tightener" about ten days out.


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