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Leatherwood ride


If anyone of you have ever wondered if you have an ultimate horse, you can
test it on this trail ride. If you are not sure of how well your
conditioning is going, go ride the Leatherwood ride.  The trail will meet
you and your challenge...

The trails are marked so you could teach your horse to read.  Mine was
following really well on his own after the first 5 miles. problems.  My problem was remembering to use my other
right.  Duane hollered," turn right,  turn right... the other right", then I
got it.

The leatherwood team put on a beautiful ride with well marked and well
groomed trails.  They were tough, but you really felt good to get all the
way around, with your horse still perky.  It was a ride where you had to
take special care of your horse, not only at the vet checks but on trail.
To ride smart meant that you rode your own ride regardless of what your goal
was before you saw the trail,.

I usually ride near the front, but it was really hard because 20 or so
riders took off and put distance between us before we got warmed up good.
With an easier trail you could get by with that but out of those 20, I only
saw 5 finish in the top ten. I came into the last vet check in 16th place
and went out 11th.  Ended up finishing 7th by a nose.  It was a fun day.
All 7 hours and 47 minutes of it.  It has been a long time since I have
ridden over 5 hours for a 50.

The ride management was great.  Can't think of a ride better managed and the
meal was to die for. No problems for you pit crews either. A nice location,
beautiful views, cottages for rent with hot tubs, really great prizes. The
premier ride for anyone, anytime.

It was tough, took lots of starch out of Orion and me.  Will we go back next


See you all there.  Be sure to send in your entries early because this ride
will surely be the one to be at next year.


    Check it Out!    

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