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Re: RC: zinc level


I also like to add Barley to my gelding's diet for
added Phos and Zinc.


--- wrote:
> Hello Ridecampers,
> After all of the recent talk of selenium, I had my
> geldings blood tested. All 
> of the results were in the adequate ranges except
> zinc. This tested at 0.61. 
> The adequate range being 0.80-1.70. My Phosphorus is
> a little low at 21 and 
> Calcium a little high at 130. I feed TDI 10 as a
> supplement at 2 lbs per day. 
> His hay is alfalfa which would account for the
> calcium/phosphorus levels. I 
> try to balance that with wheat bran in his beet
> pulp.  My gelding maintains 
> his weight very well and his overall health is
> excellent. Any suggestions on 
> improving his zinc level is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Marilyn Wells
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