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Fw: Re: thumps

>If the thumps ever happens again try carrying some calcium tums (any kind
>long as it is calcium)  Give the horse about 10 or 12 of them.  Mine like
>the fruit flavored kind.  It also works for gas colic.  Worth a try and
>hurt a thing.  If they dont want to take them, I use a balling gun or grind
>them up in water or whatever and syringe it down them.  Just a suggestion
>that has worked for me.   gesa n clovis n sky.
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>Date: Monday, April 03, 2000 4:53 PM
>Subject: RC: Thumps
>>Teresa Mc Hugh
>>I recently took a pack trip in the mountains.  One of the horses was not
>well conditioned and in the heat of the day showed signs of stress.  I put
>water on him to bring down his heart rate whereupon he started to thump.
>This continued for a long time and he was still showing signs next morning.
>I did everything I could using team, massage and pressure points to
>stabilize him and was surprised that the thumps should have lasted so long.
>It seems like more than an electrolyte imbalance.  Does anyone have any
>ideas as to why it was so severe and if this is an indication that this
>horse is just more suseptible than most.  All input welcome.
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