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Re: RC: Fit horses

In a message dated 4/3/00 8:53:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 

<<  In other words, I don't think rides should be used to condition a 
 horse--you can volunteer to ride point or drag if you want the experience of 
 x miles.  >>

What is the difference between doing the distance riding drag or paying your 
money, finishing among the last riders, and having the advantage of the vet 
checks?  Quite frankly, I can ride 50 miles at home, too, but it just isn't 
the same as doing it at a ride.  If my horse is up to doing 50 miles, he 
might as well be earning career mileage for doing it (which IS one of my own 
personal goals), and he is also seeing different country, learning how to 
deal with the stresses of travel, camping, vet checks, etc.--hard to simulate 
ALL of that at home, and all of it is important in the eventual outcome, 
whether you just want to continue in the middle of the pack or eventually 
move up to the front.

The bottom line is not to do more at the ride than the horse is ready to do.


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