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minimum maximum mileage

>If speed is the culprit, then they're undertrained for speed.
Over-training >has a very specific meaning in exercise science. >I've yet
to see an >overtrained horse, but I've seen plenty of >over-raced horses.
I'm sure it's >the same in endurance competition. 

Then lets think of a new name.  Since *everybody* loves acronyms, how's
about LAH (lamed at home), or PTS (pushed too soon) BJU (bad judgement
used) LDC (legs didn't cooperate)
For instance, the person who wrote you for advice on how fast to do
interval training on the track, and then the next post described the
multiple swellings and a somewhat off horse DHBT (didn't have banked
track).  Regardless of the cause, they overshot the mark. That's what I
call over training. It's fun to train for cardiac fitness...but so easy
to overshoot what the legs are ready for.  I think where you and I differ
is our mental image of what the final result is.  I'll never consider
what they're doing in the UAE a challenge until they get rid of all those
silly crew trucks, sit out some buckets and make those sheiks learn to
sling a sponge on the fly. 

Angie (borrowing a horse this weekend who's never been sponged off of!

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