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Re: minimum maximum mileage

I appreciate your spin on this, Angie. You are obviously living in the real

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> << Here's his basic formula and rules of thumb.
>  Ride at the speed you will compete.>
> Ahhh I just love people who live in a perfect world.  Sure, I think I'll
> go over here to Pigeon Mtn. (10 million rocks per square mile) and do 15
> mph since that's what we're going to do for parts of the Liberty Run
> (couldn't find a rock to smash a tick if you tried)
> If you listen to people who tell you "minimum 50 miles per week...." at
> LEAST ask them when the last time they started a horse on 50's themselves
> was.  The UAE tends to buy horses that have all this behind them.  If you
> buy horses that are already winning, and have proven they have the
> soundness and speed etc, etc, to last long enough to get noticed, chances
> are you don't spend a lot of time starting the backyard horse.  Then
> there's the other people who do 25's for 10 years because they never
> thought they had enough time to commit to the 40 hour per week
> conditioning schedule that they read about.
> I used to ride with a girl who seldom found time to train.  I ride on the
> average, 3 days per week.  She did well to show up one, BUT if we met
> trail riders who asked about endurance, she'd stand there with a
> perfectly straight fact and explain that you *have* to ride 4 days a
> week, 25 miles on Saturday.....( I think she actually managed that once
> in her life and it became her token perfect week of training) and she
> HONESTLY didn't realize how rediculous she sounded to me.
> Some of you assume that beginner's horses crash because they didn't train
> long enough, my experience is that most of them over train and it's SPEED
> on race day that is the problem, not distance.
> I made the mistake of following the directions on how to condition that I
> read in books too.  Kept making horses lame before we ever made it to a
> race.  Finally started just doing what felt right to me, going farther or
> faster as it "felt right".  I got Kaboot in March just before he turned
> 5.  He did his first 50 in late September.  We did our first 100 in 1998
> four years later.  He got fast after that.
> I think it's nearly impossible, and around here foolish to try to train
> as fast as you compete.  I add long climbs to get heart rates, but save
> legs for the race where you have to take chances.  Tom may be able to
> allow for 20 horses in training, 10 go lame and 10 get to race hard.
> I've got one horse, and I'd like to get to ride on race day.
> Angie (riding a borrowed horse this weekend)
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