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I've been forwarding some Ridecamp posts to my riders list here in Egypt.
Howard's post about Dance and the subsequent debate have been especially
good for us because we are all novices who are scrambling for information
and training routines.  We got through our 20 km intro with minimal damage.
A 50 km (roughly 30 mile?) ride is coming up on the 21st of April and I
think we will see many more fall by the wayside, but hopefully pulled before
there are any serious problems. BUT we have the 100 coming up on May 19 and
this will be a fast intro for many into the 50 mile category. I've been
forwarding the debate to try to impress on our group the need for us to let
the hotshots coming from the UAE go out and burn up the track while we mosey
on behind at the appropriate speed(s) for our horse(s). For us discretion
will definitely be the better part of valour. We are ready, some of us, to
watch the bigger boys and tougher horses work their way through that
distance, but we are not ready to challenge....not yet, but give us another
year or so and then watch out. Meanwhile, all of you, you have our deep,
heartfelt thanks for your experience, wisdom, and generosity. You should
know that you are all a big part of getting endurance started - the right
way - in Egypt.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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