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FW: Slow riders

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Sent: Saturday, April 01, 2000 8:15 AM
Subject: RC: Slow riders

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<< My old slow horse and I passed a rider who obviously wasn't riding to her
 horse's potential at a Kentucky ride back in about 92...  I think she
 finished towards the middle of the pack... just didn't do enough training
 at home I guess and should never have bothered to come.  I think her name
 was Valarie Kanavey and the horse was called something like "Cash". >g<

  Don't forget that today's slow horse may be  working on a "long term
 plan".  Remember the words, "Long Slow Distance????"


On any given day, a top competitor can finish anywhere, depending on the
circumstances. LSD is useful, but only a part of a comprehensive


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