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Attention Southeast Riders

I was asked to forward this along.  Mr. Charles is a great guy...always
smiling and enjoying himself.  Let's all send a card.

>Hey everyone,
>I know you all know Mr. Charles Long of MS.  He's very ill.  He's
got>cancer and has been sent home from the hospital.  I don't know much,
but>do know that the prognosis is not good.  I think if all of you would
send>him a card, sort of a thinking of you thing and then pass on his
address>to anyone you know that may know him and would like to send a
message on>to him.
>Mr. Charles Long
>407 Washington St.
>Okolona, MS.  38860
>Thanks guys.  Also, if any of you were planning on going to any rides
this>spring and were considering Witch Dance, please add it.  Raymond
called me>yesterday and is worried about having enough help with Mr.
Charles and his>wife and of course Mike all tied up in this thing.  I
assured him I would>be there to time.  I know it's close to Liberty Run
and all that, but if>you *were* considering it, please add it to your
list and bring someone to
>If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me or to
call>Raymond Rowland.
>take care
>samm--ps, remember to send this to others who know Mr. Charles.
>Samm C. Bartee
>Interim Coordinator for
>Lab Animal Resources
>Division of Laboratory Animal Health
>308 Greene Hall Annex

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