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Re: RC: Our Sport

Last summer, I took my horse on a 12 mile ride early in the
morning (6:30 a.m) ...because the heat and humidity in MN in
August can be brutal.  I admit, I pushed him hard...I wanted
to prove to myself even though he had a weight problem due
to thyroid problems, he could still do it.  When we got back
to the trailer and he wouldn't eat or drink...just stood
there with his head down.  I got really scared.  I thought,
oh my god, I just killed my best friend.  It took him a good
15 minutes before he would even think about grazing (nothing
compared to your experience).  What did I learn from that
experience...alot.  The entire time, he felt fine.  He never
gave any indication that he was tired...let alone that the
humidity was bothering him.  He acted like the normal toad
that he is on the trail..spooking at everything that doesn't
move...I felt life was fine.  Oh yeah, the lesson I
learned...doesn't matter what happens on the trail...what
matters is what happens at the vet check.  No, we didn't
have a vet check that day...but, he didn't want to eat
(normally a pig) and he didn't want to rub on me...bad
sign.  Because you see, he can and will knock me over
rubbing his head on me after a walk around the pasture!!!
Point of the story...he finally made me listen to him after
I got off of him.  While I was riding, there were no signs
of distress, not even sure the vet would've picked them
up...because as usual, I trotted him out and he did fine.
It was after that 5 minute rest that I noticed everything
else and panicked...yep..and no on else was around.  Lesson attention to the horse during the
vet check/hold time.  They can really tell you alot.  Am I
or you a bad person because we missed it...not a chance.  I
just hoped we both learned from our mistakes.  Don't give up
endurance on aren't doing him any favor if he
truly enjoys being out on the trail and going.  Just think
how unhappy he will be sitting in the pasture when his
buddies get to go somewhere without him.  Now, if he doesn't
enjoy it, leave him in the pasture and find someone new.

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