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Falling Off Your Horse

20 New Euphemisms for Falling Off Your Horse

1.      A Farewell to Fine Leather
2.      Vulture Baiting
3.      Incoming!!
4.      Turf Surfing
5.      Pushing Down Daisies
6.      Spontaneous Retrograde
7.      Loosing the Oxer Lottery
8.      Studying Impact Craters at Close Range
9.      Insufficient Flapping
10.     A Richter-Scale-5 Spot Check
11.     Seeing if the Judge Was Paying Attention
12.     A Quick Trip to Dirtsville
13.     Journey to the Center of the Earth
14.     Checking your Girth from the Bottom
15.     Needing X-Rays at X
16.     Spending Quality Time With Gravity
17.     Lunching at Ouch Caf=E9
18.     High-Fiveing a Nightcrawler
19.     Dirt for Dessert
20.    Joining the Airborne Equitation International(known as

Does this stuff ring any bells in your heads?
(no, none of you guys EVER fall off!! - hee-hee!)

Karen in PA

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