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how far can he go?

My friend and I are working with a 12 year old arab gelding that was either 
raced or prepped to race on the track when younger. We are doing only LSD 
work and have no hills. He will have about 90 days of conditioning before his 
first ride the No Frills 25, which is in the mountains. He will probably do 
50 miles in training this week, he is doing great and has no leg puffiness or 
other problems. It almost seems like 25 will be too easy for him, but the 
mountains and only 90 days of conditioning make me really hesitate on a 50. I 
am riding him for the owner, who isn't as conservative as me, but is 
certainly no fool. I would rather finish a 50 in 12 hrs than win a 25, but 
the horse comes first. Then there is Old Dominion in June. Is the 100 
possible, or is it too soon? The horse is worked almost daily and is going 10 
miles a day now with no problems.What do you all think?

                                                         Shelly in DE

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