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FW: Top 10

I just had to share this.  I changed CPA firms in December of this year and
word has got around that I have horses and ride quite extensively.  Several
people in our firm have introduced themselves as horse lovers, riders, and
interested beginners.  About six weeks ago I invited Doris, Controller of
our firm, author of the attached, to ride with me and some fellow endurance
riders.  She took to it like fish to water, we never really phased her at
all.  We did however to the amusement of her friends in Montana convert her
to breeches.  Feeling lucky I guess, I invited another co-worker who had
repeated asked to ride, on a weekend ride last Sunday.  I warned her
repeatedly that this wasn't a short ride, but she insisted.  I gave her all
the necessary instructions, so I thought.  You know bring food, water, no
jeans....  A friend of mine was kind enough to bring her extra endurance
horse, who is suitable for novice riders for Jennifer to ride.

Perhaps the writing was on the wall from the beginning, as Jennifer showed
up with no water, no food albeit a chocolate chip muffin!  Not to fear, I
always have extras and set her up with water bottles, helmet and other
necessities.  Jo loaned her a pair of half chaps, we mounted her up,
adjusted the stirrup length and headed down the trail.

Well from the start it was apparent that Jennifer over estimated her riding
skills.  However, she had good balance, was enthusiastic and seem to listen,
take direction and so off we went. All went well for the first couple of
hours.  By that time Jennifer's bottom side needed a break so we all hopped
off and walked.  Doris and I shared a knowing grin as Jennifer took her
first couple of steps.  Boy had we been there.  After a bit we all jumped on
again, but it didn't last more than a mile or so, when Jennifer's bottom
demanded another rest.  So we stopped, Jennifer swung her leg over Magic
butt and onto the ground, promptly collapsing into a pile by Magic's side.
Laughing she tried to right herself and found her legs too weak and her head
light.  So we lay her down on the side of the trail, bright blue sky up
through the trees.  Jo (who is six months pregnant) offered her half a
sandwich and we hydrate her with juice and Gatorade.  Suffice to say the
ride home was a slow one as either Jennifer was tailing behind my horse on
foot or being led by one of use from Magic's back.  I could tell you a
hundred funny incidents that happened through-out the ride home, but I think
Doris's summation does a good job.

BTW, Jennifer is fine...she said she'd like to go again, but perhaps on a
shorter ride next time :)

Dawna Bynum-Boyd, CPA
Perkins & Company, P.C.

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Doris Knudsen 
> Sent:	Thursday, March 30, 2000 4:00 PM
> To:	Dawna Bynum-Boyd
> Subject:	Top 10
> Top 10 indications that you might want to play a different game:
> Your steed deserts you; not wanting to be lead, he canters ahead to his
> friends.
> You're invited on an endurance "ride" and you spend more time walking on
> your own feet.
> You stagger into camp an hour after the others have unsaddled.
> You can fall asleep anywhere - snuggled up to a log, sitting up in a jump
> seat or conversing at the dinner table.
> Your "day after" nutrition consists of Tylenol Arthritis.
> You realize that you're not road kill; you're simply laying in the road,
> feeling like road kill.
> Your first wish is for Pepto Bismal in someone's saddlebag.
> You can't decide which body part hurts the most...
> 	the feet from walking, 
> 	the calves from being bare (due to your pants "riding up")
> 	the knees from being "too bent" then "too straight"
> 	the ass from sitting/sliding/bouncing, 
> 	the elbow from falling on it, 
> 	the shoulders from pulling or 
> 	the head from having the helmet too tight.
> You've taken food from a pregnant lady.
> You can now identify with and appreciate all those little kids that hate
> being being lead around on a pony.
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